A few weeks ago I did a poll on my instagram regarding where you would like to see the contents of my hospital bag. Well it was 50:50 so I decided to do both an IGTV and this blog post.

In fairness, I was very late packing packing my bags. Thank God I didn’t go into labour! Second time mama here. Therefore, everything goes on the long finger or your interrupted by a toddler.

Finally getting around to completing as I’ve no distractions in my hospital bed. Booked in for my elective C-Section tomorrow and having steroids to ensure babies lungs are developed.

I bought a bag set for €25 that consists of a large wheeled light weight hold-all and a smaller hand held bag in Argos for my first pregnancy and they have come in handy again this time round.

I have probably packed everything but the kitchen sink. However, I will more than likely be in for 5 to 7 days and I’d rather have something with me and not use it than regret not bringing it with me. I have a few spare bits in a corner at home for “just incase” that can be brought in if needed. I’ve packed separate bags as I am being admitted for 2 nights prior to the birth.

Mammy’s Bag

Toiletries Bag: (Small clear bags all from Penny’s)

  • Shower gel & Moisturiser Minis x2 (Elemis for a treat Pre-op & Nivea to be kinder to skin Post-Op.
  • A Shower cap, shampoo, conditioner & Dry Shampoo. (Doubt I will wash my hair)
  • Lavender Handcream, Lip balm, Vaseline, Sudocreme minis.
  • Toothbrush & paste.
  • Simple face trio and wipes & face pads.
  • Clinique eye serum & hydrating face spray.
  • Hair bobbins, clips and brush.
  • Baby powder & deodorant x 2 (daddy too).
  • Toilet wipes, antibacterial wipes (#gifted) & hand sanister. (Bathrooms can be manky)
  • Rescue Remedy Drops – For Anxiety.
  • Arnica – homeopathic remedy for bruising.
  • Doterra – Deep blue natural pain relief gel & massage ball. (Always check with your doctor if using alternative medicine)
  • Maternity pads – green pharmacy packs x 2
  • Towels x 2 (extras ready at home if needed)

Make up:

Could be wishful thinking but it’s nice to feel a little normal after having a baby. I’ve had my eyebrows and lashes tinted at Midas Touch Clondalkin which makes a big difference even with no make up on!

In my make up bag I’ve packed:

  • Catrice concealer
  • Aldi special buy foundation in a travel pot.
  • Luna by Lisa lip liner, lipstick & gloss – nude tones.
  • Eyebrow pencil and mini clinique mascara.
  • Rimmel Kate blush, highlight and contour Pallete.
  • Penny’s brushes.

Breastfeeding supplies:

Comfortable Hospital clothes/pjs:

  • Black Granny knickers x 12 (1 week potential stay.
  • Flip Flops for shower.
  • Slippers (slip on slightly bigger)
  • Fleece socks and normal socks.
  • Pj bottoms maternity x 3
  • Button down Night dresses & shirts x 5 (All above Pennys & Dunnes)
  • Feeding tops & T-shirt x 5 (leakages & spit ups likely)
  • Dressing gown – gifted from https://memammab.com/
  • Nursing bras x 2 great value – asda

Going Home outfit:
Hoody (dunnes), comfy maternity bottoms (lidl) & vest top. (maternity pad socks pants rolled up together for easy access)


Babies Bag

  • 1 pack of nappies.
  • 5 x zip lock bags with vest, nappy, all in one. (easy to find in bag then!)
  • 5 extra vests & 3 extra onsies (mix of newborn up to 1month)
  • 2 blankets (1 cellular & 1 swaddle #gifted
  • 3 hats & mittens. (Tesco)
  • Milton hand sanitiser #gifted
  • Muslins x 3 and Runa Bibs #gifted
  • Clear baby toiletries bag: Water Wipes #gifted, Cotton wool pads, sudocreme barrier, soothers x 3 and camomile syrup, nappy bags, canestan powder.
  • First breath to First Step – milestone & planner journal by Burpies Babies & Beauty Blogger, Jess.
  • Soft toy for Oisín to give baby.
  • Cardigans x 3 (pink, blue & yellow).

I hope I have everything, if not I may do without. Hope this blog post was helpful. Everyone has different ideas of essentials but for me I feel somewhat organised and that’s the important thing!

Now that the babies arrival is very close… Place your bets. What do you think… Boy or Girl??

Love Bróna

Snap Happy Mammy




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