Sugar Bella

I was kindly gifted Sugar Bella sugar wax on exchange for a review.

Sugar waxing is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. Sugar Bella’s sugar paste contains only sugar, water, and lime juice, which is completely edible and 100% natural therefore completely safe for use during pregnancy

Unlike conventional waxes, the sugar paste needs warming only to body temperature. This reduces the chances of burning your skin. Depending on temperature it may needed to gently heated if hard. I heated in hot water but ensuring no water entered the pot. This helped the sugar paste to spread better. I did find it quite thick and sticky but pleasantly surprised it didn’t hurt removing with the strips.The sugar paste is water soluble so the excess or residue left on surrounding skin came off easily when I washed with warm water. In comparison with other waxes the sticky residue can be difficult to remove without pain in my own experience.The paste doesn’t stick to live skin which is why it the hair removal was not as painful. There was a little redness after removal as you would expect post any hair removal but post shower the redness was gone.

There is less chance of infection when sugaring as sugar is a natural preservative and the high sugar content of Sugar Bella inhibits bacterial growth.

Sugaring can remove hairs of about 4mm long. That is about 7 days of growth which was the growth of my under arm hair. Apparently sugaring can lead to permanent hair removal after several uses. See website for more details.

As Sugar Bella is made only from natural products it is vegan friendly and more sustainable on the environment. However, I found it a bit time consuming maybe as it was my first attempt but as a busy pregnant Mammy it’s not that often I would get enough time to do this treatment. I only used the sugar paste to remove hair under my arms. Being pregnant with pelvic pain, my legs and bikini line are not the easiest to tackle. However, I’m delighted with the result under my arms!

In terms of sustainability, without a doubt it is better for the environment but let’s face it when I actually get the time to shave my legs I usually grab my husbands razor (secrets out now!). So I’m not really contributing to a huge amount of plastic razors going to landfill. It comes in a plastic tub, if this could be more environmentally friendly it would definitely be an all round sustainable winner.

Sugar Bella retails at $79 which is about €50. I feel this is expensive but the tub would last quite a while. As it is all natural products and cruelty free I researched how to make and can be homemade but is quite difficult to get the correct consistency. So, I guess for convenience sake and long term use its worth it. Use code first2019 to get 15‰ off at checkout

Happy Hair Removing!Love BrónaSnap Happy Mammy

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