5 years

Five years married today. Gosh they’ve been a busy few! Sometimes our so lives are so busy, I forget to stop and tell you how much I love you. Our marriage may not be not perfect, but it’s good and we are happy together.  In the early days we had time to work a lot on our relationship but we rarely have time for that now. Our lives are pretty much focused on the kids. Our time revolves around them all of the time. Life can get in the way but together, I think we do a pretty good job. I strive to be the best parent and wife I can be. Although, most of my energy, time and attention is given to the kids. The days are long but the years are short and. I want to enjoy them with as much as I can, and it wouldn’t be possible without you by my side. We make the best parenting team!

I like to think I am patient. My day usually consists of a hundred deep breaths, counting to to three on numerous occasions, giving five more minutes several times, reading another story and allowing one more chance. I love both kids but some days are chaotic. The are a lot of challenges amidst the fun and joy. You listen to my rants and frustrations, help me rationalise and calm me down when needed. We both have dreams and worries but together we get through them. We support each other. I guess due to the season of life we are in there is not much focus on you at all.  When you tell me about your day or I ask you questions, I am usually distracted by a child, or a load of laundry and I am happy with a quick response. I am trying to be better and give you more time especially when you sneak up behind me for a quick hug. There are times I really want that hug but I just need personal space. I’ve been climbed on and mauled by two tiny humans all day and I am literally touched out!

I’m no longer the young, energetic, pretty, slim version of me that you once married. I’m now an exhausted, unfiltered, wrinkled and a more plump version of me.  After a long day you get whatever energy is leftover because I’ve given my best all day to the kids. Sometimes I grunt and say mean things and I know being tired isn’t an excuse but I really don’t mean to be nasty. I love how you overlook my flaws and bad habits even when I point out yours. I am so lucky you have no expectations for me to be perfect, that pressure comes from myself. I need that constant reminder, nobody is perfect.

So, thank you for seeing through all this and still loving me.Over the past 5 years married and 11 years together, I’ve become very comfortable with you. I feel secure and can take you for granted.  I don’t want to give you the leftover version of me but this is just a phase. I want to give you my best but sometimes my best is the wrecked version. I want you to know even though some days I don’t show it, I appreciate you, I need you and I love you. My heart is forever yours. Happy Anniversary ❤️. . .

Sharing this as it might seem like our lives out perfect but some days are tough, kids can get in the way of a relationship. Share with your other half, let them know you love them and you’re not the only ones struggling or juggling it all!

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