Family completed.

Niamh was barley out of the operating theatre and I swear I was asked will we be going for third? Not that it was anyone’s business but we had made the decision a couple of months before she was born that we wouldn’t be having anymore children regardless of the sex.

After my C-section I had tubal ligation. This was the removal of my fallopian tubes so that eggs cannot pass into my uterus. Therefore preventing fertilisation. At 30 years of age it wasn’t an easy choice to make but it was one I was certain of. I’m lucky my consultant was so understanding. Not many consultants are happy with performing the surgery on young women but I laid out my reasons and thankfully he agreed it was my body and my choice. Tubal ligation is invasive but so is abortion and we appealed the 8th ammendment so women can have a choice. It baffles me why so many doctors are reluctant to even consider this. Should we not let women make their own decisions?

I had an elective C-section, so a tubal ligation at this time was a practical solution. I know my body couldn’t physically or mentally handle another pregnancy and oral contraceptives didn’t agree with me. I grew up in household with two children, so two is the norm for me. Financially we couldn’t afford more than two children. We want to give the very best to two. I only have two hands, so they can hold one . We have a three bedroom house, so they have a bedroom each. Holidays, cars etc usually suit 2 adults and 2 kids!

My instagram pal Jennifer wrote a post about how she feels cheated, her decision to have another baby was taken away from her because of her mental illness and this really resonated with me.

Sometimes I feel sad that I will never have a newborn again and guilty for not enjoying Oisín’s newborn stage due to post natal depression. However, I’m grateful to have soaked up as as much as I could with Niamh. Occasionally, I feel broody but I’m blaming it on being surrounded by newborns and pregnant friends these days. I am usually brought back to reality fairly quickly by my chaotic life and my logical mind. I know having another baby wouldn’t be fair on my family and I am very happy with my brood as crazy as it is!

So ladies tell me… How did you decide your family was complete?

Is broody a feeling that never fully goes away?

Do you just think with your head and not your heart? ♥

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