Questioning your mothering

Are you always questioning yourself?
Every decision you make?
Are they doing okay?
Are those little habits normal?
Is that good for them?
Was it the right thing to do?
Am I enough?

Every mother has felt overwhelmed, stressed or guilty.
I’ve learned to accept this is normal. Its okay to question myself, my abilities or critique my decisions. I do this as I want to the best person I can be for my children.

On days where I feel like nothing is going right I try to remind myself of the following:
❤️I am learning too – Every day is a new day of growth, you will experience something you haven’t dealt with before.
❤️I am not perfect but I am doing my best.
❤️My kids are loved, safe and healthy. What more could they need?
❤️I am not the only one to muddle their way through motherhood.
❤️Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start.

It can be easy to look at other mams on social media, even at our friends or neighbours and think they have their shit together. Then look and ask yourself why you don’t. Believe me all mums do this. We compare and question ourselves without even thinking.

I was listening to Stacey Solomons podcast with nadia from loose women and she said; “A good mother is a mother who is constantly questioning their own mothering”. It has really resonated and inspired me.

Remember questioning yourself is OK but remember you are enough and you are a good mother! Finally, you are not alone. Reach out for support if you need it ❤️

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