Glasses for my little man

Oisín had a follow up opthalmology appointment on Friday. I get asked at least once a week about his glasses.

So I decided to post here some of the FAQs in case anyone else has any queries (DM if you have any questions but I’m no expert this is our experience)

At Oisín’s 4 month developmental check and at GP appointments the turn was picked up. A couple of referrals were sent to the children’s hospital. As he got older I noticed it getting progressively worse, especially when he was tired.

After Oisín turned 2, I made several phone calls and a repeat referral was sent to the children’s hospital but we were advised it would be at least another year before he was seen. This is when we decided to go privately. We were referred to an opthalmology consultant (Dr Mc Creery) in Blackrock.

We had Oisín was diagnosed with an esotropia to his right eye. Which means his right eye turns inwards. He is also short sighted. Treatment has been prescription glasses. We were told he may need patching or surgery in the future.

We went to Specsavers for his glasses. There was a limited selection of baby frames but they are durable. We gradually built up the duration he wore the gasses for. We found the ear hooks and straps a hindrance so stopped using them after a while.

Thankfully some friends and family wear glasses so we pointed out anyone who was wearing them and bought a book ‘Specs for Rex’ from My Higher Shelf. We also used Mr Potato Head Glasses on Thumper (his comforter) for a while.

Obviously they are the first thing to get thrown in a tantrum or grabbed by another child in a heated moment 😂 but overall he’s doing well.

At our appointment on Friday, his turn is corrected with his glasses. He doesn’t need a patch for the moment and looks like he will avoid surgery!

Opting to go privately was a personal choice and not an option for everyone. It’s cost €180 per appointment (we’ve had 3 so far). Unfortunately, like many services in this country the wait list for a public appointment is crazy! We still haven’t been sent his public appointment. In my opinion, the younger kids get treatment the better so even though it’s expensive, I’m glad we chose this route.

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