My Gentle C Section

If you had told me 4 years ago I would have had 2 C-sections I would never have believed you. As my first Csection was not planned it attributed to post natal depression and anxiety. The decision to have a elective section was a difficult one to make but medical advice and the fact I could plan the birth really helped with my anxiety.

After a difficult pregnancy with severe SPD, anxiety, gestational diabetes and and a breach baby it was recommended I had an elective C section.

After much deliberation I agreed to an elective cesarean birth. It was scheduled for the 17th of June 2019. We also opted for a tubal ligation as our family would be complete.

Following my antenatal class with Laura from To Delivery and Beyond I created a gentle section plan. Laura came to my home and completely reassured me, she put my mind at ease and also provided some reflexology. Laura advised printing my birth plan and having my consultant review before the birth.

On the 15th of June 2019 I started my day off with a blow dry which then followed an admission to The Coombe. I was admitted for steroids to protect the babies lungs as I had gestational diabetes I needed to be closely monitored.

So on the morning of 17th of June 2019 I was prepped and ready to go. I was so Excited! I had my gentle birth app playing music in my earphones which kept me calm for the whole operation. We were brought down to theatre but unfortunately my husband was not allowed in for the spinal. To my surprise I remained calm, even when the junior anaesthetist failed and I fainted! I had some banter with the theatre staff as the surgeon had decided to go make a coffee while the fainting commotion was going on. The lights were dimmed, I focused on my breathing while listening to my gentle c section birth track. Finally, the surgeon arrived and Darren scrubbed up and let in to be by my side.

Of course I was nervous but I was filled with happiness. The surgery was relatively quick. As per my birth plan I wanted to announce the sex but I was so shocked by her hanging in the air I couldn’t get the words out! I was elated with happiness when I was told she was a girl! She had delayed cord clamping and my placenta was packaged for encapsulation.

Unfortunately, she was a bit mucoussy so I couldn’t do immediate skin to skin. However, in recovery we managed to breastfeed which was the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, her blood sugars dropped and spent some time in the baby unit. I had anticipated that this might happen so had pre expressed some colostrum. She was given this and we were reunited after a few hours.

The whole experience was amazing and so healing. The difference having a plan in place and knowing what can potentially happen makes such a difference. I am so proud of myself, and my body. I also feel incredibly lucky to have had amazing surgeons bring my two babies safely into the world. I am eternally grateful.

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