Placenta Encapsulation Review

The placenta is an organ that develops during pregnancy. It is attached to the wall of the uterus. The umbilical cord connects the placenta to your baby. Blood from the mother passes through the placenta, filtering oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to your baby via the umbilical cord.

I had heard briefly about people consuming their placenta post baby when pregnant on my first born. However, the thoughts of a placenta smoothie or frying it up with onions was too stomach churning for me.

In recent years, celebrities such as the Kim and Kourtney Kardasian that have encapsulated their placenta. When Placenta TLC first reached out to collaborate I was a bit sceptical. I previously had a difficult time post-natally with a slow recovery and post natal depression so I was aiming for a better experience second time round.

I decided to do my research and noted Placenta TLC are the only service in the Ireland that has a purpose-built, lab to process placentas for encapsulation. Placenta TLC are fully qualified and insured IPEN Placenta Encapsulation Specialists and hold certifications in Food safety for Manufacturing, Basic Infection Control & HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

I spoke with others who had taken the capsules and read testimonials which reported increased energy, great milk supply, balanced hormones and mood, quick recovery from a c-section, improved skin, hair and nails and a general feeling of well-being. Some people argue that the capsules cause a reduced milk supply and are just a placebo effect. However, There is has been little research or trials done. Therefore, no scientific evidence to support any claims.

I decided to give the capsules a go as I felt the positive experiences of others and the high level of standards and professionalism provided by Placenta TLC out weighed any negative press.

The process was so simple. I completed the booking form by email and later told the he girls my elective section date. My chill pack and instructions were posted out and I placed them in the freezer to be brought into the hospital for the birth. I informed the midwife in theatre and she placed the placenta into the pack. My husband called Placenta TLC and a courier came to collect it Monday evening. The placenta was washed, prepared and dehydrated and milled into capsules in their dedicated lab. The capsules were then sent by registered post and I received them Wednesday morning.waziristan

I was discharged from hospital Thursday evening and on the Saturday (day five post op) I was out having Brunch and went shopping in Penny’s for pink baby clothes! For the first week I was taking two placenta capsules three times a day as advised and also two homoeopathic remedies (Bellis and Arnica) which were also included in my package.

Without a doubt I have more energy and I’m in great form. My reason for taking the placenta pills was the fear of relapsing back into post natal depression. Obviously, I’m tired from night feeds but I’m really enjoying this 4th trimester.
When I was ten days post-op I noticed my wound was red and oozing slightly. I was commenced on antibiotics, I continued to take my placenta pills but also took more of the arnica and Bellis. I’m almost 6 weeks post op now and my wound has healed so well! After my first C-Section I was on antibiotics for over a month and healing was very slow. I’m hoping to get my bloods checked at my six week check up and

The capsules are easy to swallow and have no taste which was definitely a concern for me. After the first week post natally the advised dose is two capsules a day. However, last week I was feeling run down after a few tough days with a newborn and a toddler. I decided to increase the dose to twice a day and I felt my energy levels improved.

I’m terms of breastfeeding, I have a good milk supply. Niamh is a very content little baby who’s having wet and dirty nappies, gaining weight, and I’m still managing to build up a freezer stash. The only negative I have is you can’t donate breastmilk but I donate blood and do other good deeds!

It’s a little early to tell about post-partum hair loss. I barely have time to wash it or paint my nails but my skin is definitely in good condition! Last time I was plagued with spots post natally so that’s definitely a positive!

Finally, my favourite part of doing the placenta encapsulation with Placenta TLC is the beautiful keepsake. The placenta and umbilical cord was made into a lovely piece of artwork I can treasure forever.

I was gifted this placenta encapsulation package in return for an honest review. I am very lucky to have been given this opportunity but if you’re considering placenta encapsulation I would would highly recommend Placenta TLC.

When having a baby we ensure we have the best for our new baby but it’s very important to take care of ourselves. The packages start at €220 but your health is your wealth. In my opinion they are responsible for my speedy recovery and generally feeling happy and well! I’m dreading the capsules running out and sorry I didn’t do it on my first born.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me on instagram or contact Trish or Lisa from Placenta TLC who would be delighted to help!

Love Bróna

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