My PND update…

Since I published my 1st blog post (link in bio) I’ve continued my counselling,nurse home visits, psychiatrist and GP appointments & a holiday to Spain. I’m nearly afraid to say the words “I’m starting to feel like me again”. Don’t get me wrong I still have bad days. Even bad hours or moments on the good days where I burst into tears at the simplest thing for no reason. I don’t think I will ever be anxiety free or go back to the old Bróna. However, I am learning to love my new identity as a mother. I saw my psychiatrist last week & the plan is to return to work in May. The thoughts of this makes me nauseous & is giving me insomnia! Being a nurse is part of who I am. I have some mixed emotions but I know I need to get back to normality. Whatever normal is! It will be tough. I just hope I can do it.(advice welcome). I love my job & my work pals (I miss the banter). I have learnt to to cope somewhat with my anxiety and lower my expectations. So hopefully my return will be OK. I have always put pressure on myself to succeed in life. So when I was in the depths of despair with PND I felt like a complete failure. However, I’ve decided to look at this illness as a success. Yes, that does sound a little crazy. When I published my blog I said if it would help 1 person I would be happy… Well I had no idea the response I would get. My following here has almost trippled. I’ve had several messages thanking me for helping them realise they needed to get help, I set up an Irish Facebook support group with @postnatal_depression_and__i which means I have helped over 100 mammy’s find a safe place to talk.I set up a #endpndstigma campaign & encouraged people to share their story in the hopes others we can #normalisepnd & get mothers talking. I have guest blogged for @natashabailie, @mummyingmyway and have been asked to share on @mamabearofone @easyparentingmagazine & @eumom_ie @mummypages (to name a few). When I read what I’ve achieved in 6weeks well I’m proud to say they’ve been a success. It may sound selfish but helping others is helping me. It’s been amazing & I am so grateful for every single like, share, follow & message ❤️

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