Our Sleep Training Miracle Worker

Where do I begin with our sleep training journey?

Oisín was one of those babies that would only settle in someones arms. For months we tried our best to get him to settle himself to sleep in his own cot but as he got older this got harder. I was on the verge of pulling my hair out one bedtime when Erica messaged me on instagram offering me some sleep training help. Myself and my husband haven’t looked back since.

I am not going to lie sleep training is very hard. You need to have patience and everyone in the household has be on the same page. Before we engaged with Babogue Sleep Oisín could start his day anytime from 5am, refuse naps or have 2 to 3 catnaps, not settle to sleep at night until after midnight and wake several times during the night (worst case scenario).

Some of the great advice Erica gave us included:

  • Putting a structure on nap time: We pushed his nap time forward to 12:00 and don’t allow him to sleep for more than 2 hours.
  • Creating a bedtime routine: Oisín has a bath most nights, she recommended giving him his last bottle/feed in a separate room to his bedroom, creating a dark room and no white noise.
  • A comforter: Oisín used his Thumper Teddy and a soother.
  • Grow bag/Sleeping bag: We used these to stop Oisín climbing up the cot bars but over the last week he has now learnt to take it off! Erica recommends keeping him in a cot till age 2.5-3. (We have another challenge on our hands!)
  • No mobile phone or screen time. The blue lights are extremely stimulating to the human brain and hinders the ability to settle to sleep. Erica recommends keeping mobile phones, tablets and tvs out of the bedroom. She also suggested avoiding screen time for at least one hour prior to bedtime.

Sleep training does not come without its challenges:

· Crying: Sleep training did not happen without tears myself included. Erica reccomended using timed checks. Using this method we checked on Oisin in intervals to ensure that he was okay. When we first started I could only leave 2 minutes but with the support of Erica on the end of the phone we were able to build this up to a longer time that allowed Oisin the independence to settle himself.

· Teething/Pain: For teething pain at night we alternate calpol, neurofen, calgel, anebesol and cold teething rings. Oisín can get hysterical with pain. So I make a judgement call. Sometimes he needs to be cuddled! Erica suggests picking up soothing him and placing him back in the cot before he falls asleep. She also reccomended shortening the intervals to deal with this. Occassionally, I will pat his bottom until he calms down then remove my hand and leave the room.

· Night Time waking: Erica advises to only go into him if we feel the need and rather allow him some time to settle himself back to sleep himself. She advised staying in his bedroom and don’t bring him into our bedroom. She advised against turning on his lights and work off the landing light only. Sssshhhh him, very quietly say it is night time, lie him down and leave the room. Allowing 5 minutes to settle, repeating and increasing the intervals until he settles himself. Previously, to sleep training Oisín could of woken anything from 2-10 times a night and only settle with a bottle. Now he might wake once and settle straight back to sleep with a readjusment of thumper and his dodo.

· Early Morning waking: As I said above Oisín could have started his day at 5am. Erica recommended treating this the same as a night time wake up. Early morning waking is linked to overtiredness but this only happens if his sleep debt is out of control. By establishing a good napping schedule, which we now have, early morning wakes can be brought under control.

· Trips away: We have had a few nights away with Oisín but found bedtime very difficult. Erica recommended keeping the room dark and putting him in seperate room/space until he is asleep. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. He was out of routine and in unfamiliar surroundings so we settled him by bringing him for a walk in his buggy. It was win:win as we got to have an extra drink at the bar

  • Screenshot_20180510-223342
    To see our 2 week sleep training journey. See highlight on my instagram

Would I reccomend Babogue Sleep ?

Absolutley! I must make this clear I have not been paid by Erica so say this. I wish I was paid for writing as I enjoy it. Erica reached out to me when setting up her new business. She kindly offered me help and guidance. I chose to write this blog to show my appreciation and gratitude. We couldn’t have sleep trained Oisín without her support and guidance. We tried on numerous occasions but failed as I would give in. Erica showed us that the only way for us to solve our sleep issues was to change the way we interacted with Oisín. By doing this Erica gave us a gift any parent would dream of – Sleep! Most nights Oisín sleeps from 19:00 to 7.30. Don’t get me wrong we still have nights from hell but Erica has taught us the skills we need to conquer these battles. Erica can’t perform miracles but she certainly help you!

So, the big question is engaging with Babogue Sleep worth the money?

100% yes! Sleep training can be done without help from a professional but if you are at a loss of what to do next with your child battle with sleep. I would suggest you contact Erica ,you won’t regret it! Erica will create a plan specific to your needs and dedicate her time to you. Her plans are great value for money and the most competitive price I’ve seen on the market so far. Sleep is an essential just like food shelter and water. We cannot function without it. So on behalf of my husband and I, we would like to thank Erica for all her support and guidance. Her services are worth their weight in gold.

Meet Erica – The woman behind Babogue Sleep Solutions

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my miracle worker Erica. Please head over to her instagram give her a follow and check out her website (launching soon)

Patrick & Me - 10 days old

Erica with her son Patrick 10 days old.

Firstly I am Mom to 3 wonderful crazy kids – Quinn, Kate & Patrick – they alone keep me super busy. I am wife to Liam, my amazing and super patient husband who has supported me through my dream to become a Sleep Consultant!

I LOVE sleep! I am one of those people who simply cannot get enough – 8 hours sometimes doesn’t cut it! So when we started to have children the fact that we may never sleep again absolutely freaked me out. I knew that my sanity and my marriage would not survive years and years of sleepless nights. I have endlessly researched and read almost everything I could to help my family achieve our sleep goals. However, that did not prepare me for the sleep deprived mess that I was to become. Quinn nearly broke me. I both physically and mentally did not cope with sleep deprivation. However, I gained control over the situation & never looked back.
That is how Babgoue Sleep Solutions was born! My dream is to help as many families as possible have as many good night’s sleep as possible. Empowering families to get the sleep that both parents and little ones need is my passion. When I overhear Moms chatting in the playground about how little sleep they have had for the last few years I want to pop over to them with a coffee and ask they how I can help.
How am I qualified to advise you on your child’s sleep? Really good question! Prior to becoming Mom I graduated from the University of Limerick with a BSc in Business (Account & Law). I hold an MBS in Strategic Management & Planning from the Smurfit Business School (UCD) and also a Post Grad Dip in Event Management and PR. Last but not least I am a Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant (Family Sleep Institute) and have over 250 hours of dedicated training on sleep.
Let me tell you that sleep is not a luxury. Sleep is a necessity. Like food, shelter and water – we need sleep to function and survive. Children need it even more than we do. They need it to grow, they need it to function, they need it to develop. Establishing good sleep habits will only benefit your family.
Get in touch with Babogue Sleep Solutions and lets start talking about the Gift of Sleep!


2 thoughts on “Our Sleep Training Miracle Worker

  1. I’m entitled to my opinion. Freedom of speech. What works for some might not work for another. My son was 14months when we did this not a newborn. He now sleeps 7pm to 8am he is a happy healthy and loved child. Blogging is various people’s opinions or reviews on things they have tried and in my opinion I haven’t advocated anything that will harm a child.


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