Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes Review

Oisín started walking a few weeks ago and over the past week we have been trying out Attipas shoes. They are a cute rubber soled shoe crossed with a sock.

Buying shoes for babies and toddlers can be difficult. As most other mother I wanted to make sure he had “proper” shoes. I want his shoes to be supportive but not restrictive. Many shoes I have come across are either too flimsy, fall off or easily pulled off by my little monkey. Other shoes can be hard and ridged and restrict babies moving around. However, we found Attipas Shoes very practical and functional.

Oisín put these shoes to the test over the past week. From the beginning he was impressed by the packaging and wanted to put them on straight away (as seen on my Instagram story.) Once we put them on his feet he was off crawling, climbing, walking and even some running. He really made it quite difficult for mammy to capture any decent photos.

In my honest opinion I think these little shoes are great! They are so functional. The rubber part the shoe comes right around the toe therefore supporting early walkers. The sole is lightweight and flexible but still protects their little feet. The sole also has non slip grips so reduces the amount of trips and falls.

I was worried that these shoes were similar to socks thay Oisín might not keep them on (I’ve had tights on Oisín all winter as he won’t keep his socks on). However, with these Attipas Shoes the sock part keeps the shoe firmly on the foot and prevents them getting caught in things or coming off easily. This is a winner for me as Oisín takes other shoes off and throws them away. So the more difficult to remove the better as mammy can’t be replacing odd shoes. 😂 Once they were on he barely noticed so they have certainly passed the test as he hasn’t managed to remove them yet! They can be machine washed and dry quickly.

When ordering I thought the thick reinforced toe might look a little weird and bulky but in reality they look super cute and allows free movement of his tiny toes. The shoe fits well and the cute lion design goes well with many outfits. Attipas Shoes have a huge variety of designs and colours online. Check out their website or social media out. I have my eye on a few more styles so we will definitely be ordering again.

The lovely Melissa from Attipas Shoes Ireland has given me a 10% discount coupon to share with my followers. Enter ID10 at checkout.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Hopefully more like this to come.

Love Bróna.

Snap Happy Mammy


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