DIY Mini Hollywood Make up Station

I have wanted a Hollywood mirror for ages but couldn’t justify spending a fortune on one as I have a lovely bathroom mirror. However, with SPD in this pregnancy I’ve been finding it difficult to stand for too long when doing my hair or make up and my husband was sick of listening to me moan about it!

Although our bedroom is large we have drawers and shoe units taking up wall space so a free standing dressing table wasn’t an option. The only available space was above the radiator. We had one ikea mirror left from a 4 pack which my husband put up (€2.75).

He bought me a small white shelf from woodies and placed it over our radiator (€12.99).

I ordered the Vanity Mirror Lights from wish. (€9) They took about a month to come but definitely worth the wait. They come with double sided adhesive to apply each lamp, the wire can be shortened to fit smaller mirrors. The brightness is so good it allows me to fine lines I didn’t realise I had!

I’m using a fold up ikea chair that we use at Christmas etc! I covered it with a blanket and popped a pillow on top for extra comfort.

Thanks to my hubby for the help, doing jobs like this is a sign of true love. I absolutely love my new set up. At a cost of €30 you can’t really go wrong with the DIY alternative. It shows you really don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to home decor.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post! Links to products hyperlinked above.

Love Bróna

Snap Happy Mammy ❤️

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